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Below you can find references to evidence based data and research on how colour can provide alternative ways of healing, increased quality of life and enable people to develop their self-awareness and potential.

 With a focus on mental health and well-being, we are interested in research that demonstrates how colour can help reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, we are exploring the effect of colour and its effects on:

  • all forms of ill-health (mental, emotional and spiritual)

  • improvement of cognitive abilities,

  • creative resourcefulness

  • entrepreneurial activity

  • collaborative team working in business and within the community

  • exploration of family dynamics to heal inter-generational trauma

  • enhanced emotional intelligence, building empathy and rapport.

To find out more about how a colour program helped a group of children build emotional resilience and increase engagement, review the case study here:

Measuring the impact of coloured oils on the human body and their potential in wellness and spa tourism

Child Reading in the Grass


Colour paper and overlay enhances reading in children with dyslexia


The effect of interior colours on mood

Modern Living Room
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