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3rd Episode of our Podcast now available

In our 3rd Podcast called "A glimpse of the new story in business and education" we consider how you can move from your conditioned self to your enlightened self.  In doing so, the promise is liberation! We are already seeing shifts in how young people are choosing to learn.  For example, those young people that have opted out of the education system are revealing their Indigo nature of challenging an old paradigm.


In business there has been a focus on pace and efficiency and this has had an adverse effect on the culture of organisations often leading to burn out for people.  This has led to a shift that can be seen in all areas of society with a need to model what it is you want to see.  Our message is that change comes from being open minded and open hearted.


2nd Podcast now available

The second podcast is now available for you to listen to called 2024: what is the promise.

In this episode find out more about Kate and why she has ended up working with colour.  We explore why you might find yourself repeating the same old patterns rather than living your life on purpose through recognising that you are the creator of your reality.  Everything happens twice: the thought and then what materialises. 


Kate weaves in some further information about the colours of 2024 and what they mean energetically to give you some pointers on what to expect and how to make the most of  the wood dragon year. Some of the key themes of this year are abundance and power and collaboration.

Podcast news!

On 29th March 2024 launched our new podcast, Colourful Conversations. It builds on the groundwork laid out in our book Colourful Boardrooms where we outline the changing nature of work and conscious leadership, as encapsulated in our 8 business principles that we share in the book.  These shape our approach to our consultancy work and are based on systems thinking. 

Our first episode is called Colour: the roadmap to consciousness. 

Colourful Boardrooms Book - updated edition

The second edition of Colourful Boardrooms is now available published in 2024.  We revised it in light of the impact of the world wide pandemic in 2020 to 2021 which saw new trends appearing that are having a knock on impact in leadership.  For example the increase in hybrid working and the impact that is having on recruiting talent as it is fast becoming an employees' market.  There is also additional information on Teal and what that means for leaders.  To find out more about the book click here:

Our Launch Training Webinar

On 15th December 2022, we held our launch webinar for 60 people on-line. For more information click here: 

Making Headlines



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16 May, 2022

Foundation of Colours came into being with the launch of their new website.

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16 May, 2022

New research shows that coloured overlays and coloured backgrounds improve the reading process for school age children affected by dyslexia.

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