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Our purpose is to expand consciousness – colour facilitates conscious awareness, intention and right action through the integration of heart and mind. A coherent individual operates systemically and authentically to bring balance, unity and cooperation to the whole.


Our vision is to build a new earth through the research and application of new ways of thinking and being that comes with colour consciousness. The intention behind all our actions is to create the tipping point to living in a conscious heart centred society.


Foundation of Colours’ mission is expand awareness of colour and its impact.  Primarily through the sponsorship of research that shows the impact colour has on people’s health and wellbeing. Second to translate the findings into plain English so they can be disseminated more widely.  Third to support the application of these new ways of being through running experimental programmes and offering tailored consultancy services.


We believe in colour, compassion, connection, and community.

  • colour allows us to express how we feel and live in tune with our heart

  • compassion is created by empathy, kindness and consideration and safely holding the space

  • connection comes through openness to difference and allows us to build a relationship based on trust, challenge and transparency

  • community is coming together in unity and love so there is room for multiple perspectives with an understanding that together we can create a better world

These values influence every aspect of our agreement and collaboration within Foundation of Colours (FoC). We use these values to help guide us in our decisions, to choose the right path, the next step, or the choice between multiple options, and to facilitate communications. They ground the spirit of FoC.

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