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What’s the story you are telling yourself in this post pandemic world?  What do you perceive to be the dominant narrative?

According to the Heisenberg principle, the more closely we approach the infinitely small, the more we realize that what we call reality tends toward a state that is more potential than real. This suggests that the only thing that can be considered fixed at this level arises from the act of observation itself, which in a sense determines one particular state at the expense of others.

New ways of thinking are emerging as a result of seismic shifts created by social, political, economic and technical change.  In the midst of this the Foundation of Colours (FoC) exists to support the creation of the meta earth.

An alternative way of understanding the role of the Foundation at this time emerges from this story:

There was a drought in a village in China. They sent for a rainmaker who lived far away. He arrived to find the village in a sorry state; cattle dying, vegetation shrivelled and people thirsty. The villagers crowded around him asking what he planned to do. He responded "give me a hut and leave me alone for a few days".

He disappeared into the hut. For two days, nothing happened. On the third day it started to pour. When the rainmaker came out of the hut, the villagers were eager to know what he'd done. "That is very simple" he said "I didn't do anything".  “I come from the area of Tao, in balance" he explained. "We have rain, we have sunshine, nothing is out of order. In your area, everything is chaotic. The rhythm of life is disturbed, so I, too, am disturbed. So what can I do? I went into the hut to be by myself, to meditate, to set myself straight.

"When I get myself in order, everything is set right. We are now in Tao, now it rains."


Our vision is to build a new earth through the research and application of new ways of thinking and being that comes with colour consciousness. The intention behind all our actions is to create the tipping point to living in a conscious heart centred society.

Foundation of Colours’ mission is expand awareness of colour and its impact.  Primarily through the sponsorship of research that shows the impact colour has on people’s health and wellbeing. Second to translate the findings into plain English so they can be disseminated more widely.  Third to support the application of these new ways of being through running experimental programmes and offering tailored consultancy services.

"Colour is a power which directly influences the soul”

Wassily Kandinsky

Bedford, UK

+44 7801 497828

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