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Kath Roberts is a trained colour therapist and systems coach, an author and international teacher of colour therapy who uses colour to balance energy, restore harmony and ignite new ways of being. She has a track record of identifying and cultivating talent following an extensive career in leadership for a FTSE 200 company prior to setting up her own coaching and therapeutic practise in 2009.

Kath facilitates transformational experiences through one to one or group coaching, empowerment workshops, online programmes and retreat immersions by identifying and then making the unconscious conscious. Her focus is on enabling others to wake up to their core natures, actualise their potential and find the work they love to do. 

Kath co-authored a book, Colourful Boardrooms that provides colour lessons and principles for a new paradigm in business, one that puts connection and collaboration at the heart of everything.

Kath values creativity, authenticity, wisdom over knowledge and firmly believes that we’re all masterpieces in progress and that it’s never too late to be the person you want to become. She has a compassionate and whole-centered approach to people development. Kath draws on nature as a source of inspiration, creativity and wisdom, appreciating that our consciousness is part of the greater body and intelligence of earth herself.




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