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Kate is a qualified Colour Teacher and organisational systems coach who runs an international colour therapy practice based on the principles she developed when she co-wrote and published Colourful Boardrooms.  She loves working with visionary leaders (senior leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches) who are doing “world work” so that they can increase their impact.  She helps them to find their true north following four careers that spanned the public, voluntary and private sector.

As a blender with a number of qualifications within the leadership development space, she has a very creative approach that helps give clients greater clarity and a renewed sense of purpose so that they are able to create a life they love.  She helps them to transcend their reality so that they can find the extraordinary within the ordinary through one to one and group coaching, online programmes, membership of her community and tailored bespoke programmes such as retreats to enable full immersion.  Her primary modality is colour because it is an excellent tool for revealing what is hidden within the subconscious as it works on the visual, kinaesthetic and olfactory as well as the auditory.  

She believes that real success comes when you stop to connect to the deeper essence of life. She helps clients reclaim their wholeness and rediscover their true self.  She believes that we are all both Divine and human and provides a safe space where it is possible to unravel the wounds amidst which the soul hides waiting to be revealed. Others have described her work as both subtle and powerful as she comes from a place of love with a desire to recalibrate the masculine and the feminine.




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